I’m Audrey, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan studying auditory neuroscience. I completed my undergraduate degrees at Michigan State University in Neuroscience (B.S.) and Music (B.A.) where I studied how music training influences speech perception, particularly in older adults with sensorineural hearing loss, and investigated in the neural mechanisms of entrainment related to speech understanding.

In my Ph.D. program, I’ve continued this research by using looking at differences in beat perception in adults who stutter. Additionally, I’m interested in the neural circuitry that underlies the perception of frequency in sounds, which are particularly important in speech. To investigate this, I’ve used a mouse model to study cell type specific responses in the brainstem. In 2020, I was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to fund my graduate research.

I’m passionate about diversity in STEM and spend much of my free time mentoring young women in STEM fields and advocating for more inclusive policies in academia. I mentor high school women in Python through Girls Who Code, and have been involved in FEMMES capstones, Michigan DNA Day, BrainsRule!, and other forms of outreach. Outside of academics, I enjoy backpacking & hiking, reading, and spending time with my dog, Mo.

To request a CV, please send me an email: adrotos@umich.edu